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Parvaz Homay was born on February 9, 1980 into a farming family in a remote village called Ahmad-Sar-Goorabi in the province of Gilan in Iran. He along with his brothers helped his father in farming and attended the local school.

 He showed interest in Drawing and painting from the early age of 8, and his father, recognizing his son's artistic talent, continuously encouraged and protected him. At age 10, Homay started composing poems. His singing efforts were initiated when he and his brothers, following a long held tradition in Iran while ushering in the new year, went on singing Nowruz "New Year's" songs in their neighborhood and earned some money for their singing.

 There was no opportunity to pursue arts in his birth place, however his passion for arts lead him to gather his friends at school and perform various theatrical pieces which he penned and directed.

 At the age of 15 he attended a conservatory in the nearby city of Rasht in order that he may,more seriously, polish his artistic abilities. It was there that he was able to receive instructions in music and singing. Since his father was of limited means, Homay headed to the capital on his own and was accepted in the university where he studied both music and literature at the hands of renowned instructors in both fields. Days went by and he paid for his higher education by taking on odd jobs.

 At times he sold his drawings in the streets, did some construction work on buildings, sold trinkets on street corners and at times he earned his livelihood by transporting people in the city on motorcycle. Some nights he slept at friends' homes and some he spent on park benches, but nothing would stop him from reaching his goal. He would take his Setar with him to gatherings of art and poetry where he would put his poems to song, all the while learning from each experience.

 At the age of 24 he founded the Mastan ensemble and began singing his songs to the people of Iran, instantly winning them over and enchanting many a heart with his work. It continues to be his ardent wish to bring his music to the entire world. On July 3, 2008 , he embarked on a tour starting at the Walt Disney hall in Los Angeles in the US. He produced 3 CDs simultaneously entitled "Meeting the Dozakhian (inmates of Hades)", "What a world is this" and the "Vast motherland". He has continued his tours throughout the US, Canada and Europe and is currently in the process of preparing for an exceptional concert around the theme of protecting wildlife and the environment, in which he will be performing alongside some great International artists in America.

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