Doughter of the Sea

1. Daughter of the Sea 
2. Goat and Shepherd 
3. "Betil, Betil" 
4. A Taleshi Song 
5. Bemani 
6. Mashti Golmar

1.  Daughter of the Sea
Trying to save her goat, a rural girl jumps into the sea and dies. Her goat survives, but the sea swallows the girl’s body. Her family searches and searches to no avail. She comes to be known as the “legend of the sea.” The bereaved mother ages while singing and awaiting her daughter by the sea.

2.  Goat and Shepherd
A timid goat leaves the herd and flees into the wilderness. The consoling shepherd assures the goat that it will never be slaughtered. Having been promised that it will only be milked, the goat returns to the farm. The goat’s words are sung by a Turkmen vocalist, and the shepherd’s words by a Gilaki vocalist.     

3.  “Betil, Betil”
This song narrates the story of a farmer who witnesses the storm and rains destroy his crops following six months of hard work. Crying “betil betil,” he asks others for help. 

4.  A “Taleshi ” Song
This is a song about a destitute farmer’s conversation with his God. Having showed sincere loyalty to the forces of nature—the earth, wind and rain—his crops were still destroyed. He complains to God for having to bear the consequences of other people’s ungrateful treatment of the nature.   

5.  “Bemani”
Having worked on a farm all her life, Bemani, a rural woman, refuses to retire. She continues working and one day she dies during her daily labor. 

6.  “Mashti Golmar”
Women are busy working on the farm. Attempting to draw attention to the person who has stolen their ducklings time and again, a crow calls out "Mashti Golmar!" Unaware, the farmer used to curse the innocent crow. But this time the crow defends itself by pointing to the real thief. 

1. Daughter of the Sea 9:02 [Order]
2. Goat and Shepherd 3:56 [Order]
3. Betil, Betil 5:28 [Order]
4. Bemani 4:32 [Order]
5. Mashti Golmar 4:10 [Order]
6. A Taleshi Song 3:25 [Order]
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